How to make £1million starting from nothing?

Q. – How do you make a million starting with nothing ?

Answer: I don’t know but I’m going to ”go on a journey” to see if its possible whilst still keeping my job (I’m self employed!) in order to keep me and my life running. As I sit here typing this I have NO IDEA as to how I’m going to get from where I am to having £1,000,000 – Its scary just thinking about it!
To see how I am getting on please check back regularly or fill in the form on the contact page and I will send you regular updates. Also to see how I am going to achieve it please look at the Rules page

Update March 19

Apologies for not having updated the site for  while but I haven’t given up ! I have spoken to a number of people who thought that they would also like to make themselves £1million from nothing and unfortunately they have given up. Although they had some initial success and made a couple of hundred £ – one person I spoke to had made a couple of thousand £ but then he ‘needed the money’ for something else, so spent it with the intention of paying it back into the game and never got around to it – so he gave up. Me I’ve kept on going and have kept the money separate and have traded my way from finding 2p on the floor to having £19,979.70 (cost price) of stock £2,100 in cash and about £3300 in the bank 🙂 – A Total of £25,381.22

Which means I have now completed step 23 of the 28 steps to get to £1million and am on the way with Step 24.

One thing that I have to concentrate on is selling some of the items that I have – I’ll put that into the Progress Report

Update Nov 17

On my Journey of How to make a million pounds I have now successfully turn 2p that I found on the floor into over £10,000 profit and about £10,000 worth of stock – This hasn’t cost me a single penny of my own money and has been a huge amount of fun and a learning curve on the way. To find out how I have done it so far please read the progress report pages and to get a copy of what I have learned please send me a quick note and I will email you back a copy of the initial report and some lessons I have learned so far.

Update July 17

So far I have turned the 2p (that’s £0.02 I found in a street!) into £9,645.01 in cash along with £3957.20 (cost price) of stock that I am in the process of selling ……… as well as items that are in a gallery for sale at over £11,500. Not too bad all from finding the original 2p. To see what I am on about please have a look at the rules and look at my progress reports …..

Jan 17

I currently have £5000 in cash and have therefore completed Step 20 and am now embarking on Step 21 (out of the 28 steps – see below) & currently have enough stock/merchandise that when I sell it all I will probably pass Step 22 but over Christmas had a bit of an epiphany and am now changing the direction of the challenge. – See Step 21 for details

Some of the Items that I have sold and still have for sale:-

A bit of History & a bit about me:-

I am 50 odd years old – I’ve had a full life so far and have been a serial entrepreneur – starting many businesses but moving onto the next ‘shiny thing’ before I give each business a real chance of success! The result has been that when I took a recap of ‘where I’d got to and what had I achieved?’ it wasn’t bad but also it wasn’t a fantastic story.
– I’m divorced with 2 great kids
– I live in a ‘nice’ house in a Cotswold Town
– I have a 7 year old car and drive around in an old(ish) van to carry out my main job of stonecleaning  ( ). I have also learnt how to put websites together a couple of years ago during a quiet time and have a part time business Stonemill Marketing – helping small business’s to get their message across to potential customers.
– I’m comfortable in my existence but like alot of people my age

I don’t have anything put away for my retirement
I can go on 1 or 2 holidays a year but have to watch what I spend
– I can live month to month but if anything big were to go wrong I’d be in trouble!

I could go on but the point of this exercise is not to point out how bad things are – because they’re not – in many respects they are great – I have a happy disposition 🙂  ….

The point is that I have decided to do something about it – Instead of just dreaming about being financially independent I am going to ‘Take action’ and do something about it…. As someone once said ”You are what you believe” & ”You create your reality – – it doesn’t create you!”
And, that lead me to remember a Stuart Goldsmith report that I read about 10 years ago (I’ve always been a bit of an information junky!) – I can’t remember the exact details but it went something like

How to make £1million in 28 steps starting with nothing

The basic premise is that you start with nothing then you find 1p and then you double up and in 28 steps you have £1million – Sounds Easy eh?

The whole process will look something like :-

Step 1 – Find or be given 1p
Step 2 – 1p – 2p
Step 3 – 2p – 4p
Step 4 – 4p – 8p
Step 5 – 8p – 16p
Step 6 – 16p – 32p
Step 7 – 32p – 64p
Step 8 – 64p – £1.28
Step 9 – £1.28 – £2.56
Step 10 – £2.56 – £5 (It makes it easier to round it off from here)
Step 11 – £5 – £10
Step 12 – £10 – £20
Step 13 – £20 – £40
Step 14 – £40 – £80
Step 15 – £80 – £160
Step 16 – £160 – £320
Step 17 – £320 – £640
Step 18 – £640 – £1,280
Step 19 – £1,280 – £2,560
Step 20 – £2,560 – £5,000 (again I’m going to round it off)
Step 21 – £5,000 – £10,000
Step 22 – £10,000 – £20,000
Step 23 – £20,000 – £40,000
Step 24 – £40,000 – £80,000
Step 25 – £80,000 – £160,000
Step 26 – £160,000 – £320,000
Step 27 – £320,000 – £640,000
Step 28 – £640,000 – £1,000,000 

What I have just done is broken the whole process down into steps – Instead of thinking about the end result – making £1million from nothing – scary – I now have a number of steps to take in order to achieve the end result – Stepping stones as it were.


Ok – so that’s the basics out of the way – now what I am after is 5 or 6 people that would be interested in doing this with me ….. not to share in my 0 to £1million but to go on their own ‘journey’ and be able to discuss things along the way. I’m not looking to charge anything but just to be able to brainstorm together as there will be times when we need to brainstorm ideas & I need/would like other like minded people to bounce things off – if you are interested then please email me via the contact us page

If you would like to comment on the idea / the system / or have any thoughts about where I read the report then please don’t hesitate to contact me as well and in time I may put up a comments section so that people may comment.

Please keep checking back to view how I am getting on

Wishing you all the very best