Progress Report Step 22

Ways To Make A Million

Step 22 – (£10,000-£20,000) – Nov – 2017. The start of the next phase.

To Re cap  – I have successfully turned 2p that I found in the middle of the road into over £10,000 in my venture to turn it into £1million. For a full update please read the rest of my blog or contact me via email and I will send you out a copy of the Report that I first read over 20 years ago that got me started thinking about ways to become a millionaire, along with lessons I’ve learnt so far in my journey.

March 2018
Current sate of play is that I am now up to £16,872.86 from the original 2p that I found.  Continuing  with the process of selling some of the higher priced items that I have already bought and renovated / restored over the last year or so – with the result that one of the Rolls Royce Engine Tables that I made and was displaying in a gallery in Stroud has sold for nearly £6000 – after paying commissions the net result is a cheque for nearly £5,000. Which takes me up to nearly £17,000 in sales proceed.

From here I have invested in a number of other items to continue selling but I have also invested £1000 in an outsourcer to assist with the development of a number of web based projects. I will tell you more about these as they come to fruition but the first minor success has been a project to help a local businessman that i know. He was wanting to change direction