Progress Report Step 15 – 16

Step 15 – (£80 to £160)

Jan 14 – Starting point £101.44 (+ a box of old postcards)

Working on the same principle of selling items that haven’t cost me anything or that I haven’t used for over a year – I decided to sell a number of other items on ebay:

An old computer that had sat in a box for over a year sold for £90.83 (including postage) after postage costs (£15.92 – Royal Mail) and selling costs (£8.72 ebay fees and paypal fees) I ended up with a net gain of £66.14

Lesson – Postage costs – the laptop I sold cost me 65p for the envelope + a safe box + nearly £16 to send at the post office. If I had sent it by I could have sent it by someone like UPS for less than £8 which would have saved me nearly £8 – over 10% of the ‘profit’ and 100% on the postage cost !!

Totals £101.44 + £66.14 (+ a box of old postcards) = £167.58

Step 16 – (£160 to £320)

I am very conscious that as yet I haven’t ‘added value’ to anything but have been working on / researching a number of different ideas to move me forward – Unfortunately each of these ideas need a certain amount of money to get them off the ground so I have carried on with selling a few more unused items to build up a fund to invest in these projects.

So far I have sold:
An old horse skull ! / Some old Pentax camera lenses from the attic / my daughters old bras (that were going to be thrown out!) / an old fish tank from the garage / an old buddha bag (from the garage) / an iPhone case …..

As a result of this is at the end of January 14 my Paypal account has a balance of £240.27

Cash – I have £80.77 + a box of old postcards – (I’m going to go back and see if the antique dealer will buy them back from me or put them into a local auction to get rid of them!)

So my overall total

£321.04 (Step 16 done) 🙂
+ a box of old postcards!

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