Progress Report Step 1-11

Steps 1 – 5

Amazing really – No sooner had I thought about setting of on this journey I went to Bath to do some Christmas shopping with my daughter then I came across some money in the street!

I thought I’d be lucky if I found anything to start the whole process but in fact it was easy
I first found 2p as I was crossing the street
then, shortly afterwards I found 10p by a street vendor
feeling very smug I walked away and within 10 seconds I found another 10P


The Second 10p under a bench

The Second 10p under a bench

Quite amazing the joy that it brought me to find 10p
So all in all I now have 22p in my kitty

The days find!

The days find!

Steps 6-10

From my initial 22p I was wondering how to get to further – should I ask a friend to swap my 22p for a £1 or could I find something that I could buy and then sell on? In the end it didn’t matter whilst on a second trip into Bath the amount I found starts to get scary ! Initially I found another 55p on the floor in loose change 20p here 2p there etc and just as I was thinking this is good I came across a £5note on the floor !! – Taking my tally to £5.77

Step 11

Whilst out for the rest of the day I kept my eyes open for something that I could buy and then resell – unfortunately I didn’t come across anything. So when I got home I asked my daughter (without telling her what I am doing) if she would swap the £5.77 that I had for £10…… She looked at me in a bit of  ‘what are you on dad?’ look but did it anyway – she even let me keep the 77p loose change 🙂

Total now £10.77

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